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About us

Founders of Join , CJ Wigley and Caroline Elman have been in the fitness industry for over 30 years combined.

They are the owner and manager of the popular and established gym Runway Fitness where the word ‘family’ is commonly used.

They have created a gym environment where both trainers and other members support clients every step of the way.

Their dream is to extend their ‘runway family’ and create a network where anyone, whatever their fitness level or postcode can ‘Join’ and achieve amazing results from the support they offer.

They have the motivation, passion and skill sets to get you where you want to be.

CJ Wigley

CJ Wigley

CJ has an extensive client base from around the globe and has been helping clients implement the habit based system with great success.

Coming from a sports background, she is now a qualified personal trainer and head coach at Runway Fitness Gym.

Caroline Elman

Caroline Elman

Caroline is a fully trained personal trainer and Pilates instructor, specialising in fitness classes from high intensity work outs, strength and conditioning, to stretch and relaxation.

Her reputation has enabled her to travel the world, appearing as a special guest fitness expert and trainer as well as giving masterclasses at special events and retreats.

Caroline is the face of POWERHOOP and a master trainer.

Open to change

The mistake most people make when setting new goals is to focus on the end result and not the process. To become the type of person you want to be is all about your daily habits. Behavioural physiologists universally agree that every habit follows a simple 3 step cycle – the 3Rs. Performed enough times, your desired behaviour is turned into an autonomous habit.

Step 1


The trigger that initiates the behaviour.

Join us and we will remind you to complete your task until it is done.

Step 2


The actual behaviour you perform.

Join us and we will set you tasks that are incredibly easy to start and difficult to fail.

Step 3


The benefit from doing the behaviour

Join us and your challenge group members we will be there to cheer you on.

What people say

These girls know what you need even if you don't know you need it. I needed this psychological kick up the backside and it worked it feels so good to be back to a fitness routine. Thank you Join. Bring on the next challenge!
Steph Farrell, UK